Vadásztanya Bistro & Wine Tavern

Our family company has opened its gates in 1983. At first, we served our guests with the delicious wines made in our family’s winery, along with mellow-tasted bread and dripping. But today, we have a bistro ambiance, with different Balaton wine, housemade beers, fresh grillfood and grandma receipt made pizza.


2023.07.08. – Vadásztanya 40.


2023.07.06 – Vadásztanya Házibuli

Vadásztanya Apartments



Parking space

Dog friendly



We have single or multi-bedroom apartments available for 2-12 people, which are located 6km from the Balaton’s south “capital city” Siófok’s centre. All of our houses are 200-500 meters from the coast away and have peaceful and homely environment. Services: Each apartment has an equipped kitchen and bathroom. There is also furniture and a fireplace or barbecue grill in the garden. You an also park your car in the garden. There are plenty of stores in the area such as boutiques, beach accessories, ABC, tobacco stores, restaurants among others. Our apartments are available from 4800 HUF/person/night.


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2+1 person accommodation

ground floor or balcony upstairs apartments with bathrooms and kitchens


Two Bedroom Apartment

4+1 person accommodation

with a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a partially proprietary garden


Three Bedroom Apartment

6+1 person accommodation

with a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a partially proprietary garden


Four Bedroom Apartment

8-12 person accommodation

with a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a partially proprietary garden


Looking for engagement?

The Bamboo Island is waiting for the lovers of water sports on the south coast of Balaton. We’re starting the season on the end of May and we’re open until the middle of September.

The island was built on a 460 square meter platform, in open water, 80 meters  from the coast.

The lovers of extremes sports can select from various equipments such as water ski boards, wakeboards, wakeskates, landlock and kneeboards.

We can coach beginners throughout the entire day.

There are plenty of sunbeds, beach umbrellas waiting for anyone looking to relax or have fun. We can serve you with cool drinks, sandwiches and ice creams in the island’s buffet.

The BambooTeam is composed of young, friendly and helpful people who are waiting for old and new guests alike.


High Season

Open every day: 10:00 – 19:00

Open every weekend: 10:00 – 18:00

Get more information: +36-20-449-6831
Group booking: +36-20-449-6831
Trainings, corporate events: +36-20-449-6832

If you’re young and looking to relax, you can start partying during the day on the beach enriched energetic programmes and enjoy the Balaton’s classic beach parties. If you want to continue partying during the afternoon or during the fizzy evening, you belong here.
Because this is the only place in Hungary where you can do all this within a single street, where the most diverse musical and cultural events are waiting for you throughout the entire day.


Welcome to Bella Zoo Park!

Our animal park is only 5 km from the centre of Siófok, we are waiting for our dear guests in a beautiful environment every day, so on weekends and feast-days. Taking a walk at our Zoo Park along with the colorful programs we offer, is a perfect pastime for any generation. The information on our website will help you to plan your trip at our place.

We offer boat excursions, team-building events on the water, and our specialty; sailboat adventures on Lake Balaton! You name it – we can create the program that suits you.
We have the tools, you bring the ideas, together we’ll make an unforgettable event.

Familiarize yourself with our various boating services and programmes, which are introduced, described, and can be found on our home page, or on pages introducing the various individual boating possibilities in the search window entitled “Boating possibilities”, which can help you to decide the most appropriate service offered by us for you.

The international standard compliant Galerius Aqua park and Wellness centre is welcoming guests since June 9 of 2006. It operates as Siófok city’s bathhouse, offering every age group to relax wholesomely.

Bistro & Wine Tavern

Address: HU 8600 Siófok, Vágó Pál utca 1.
Bistro phone: +3684352547
Apartments phone: +36703603539

Reception opening hours: 10:00-22:00